Friday, May 10, 2013

My relationship with Water

Yeah, that's right. Water.

That is one of the other things that is terribly important to me more so because my country is on of those that will have a water catastrophe by 2030 if scientists are to be believed.

You may ask, relationship? Isn't that too far-fetched?
Well, because my knowledge and feelings for water have evolved over the years, I'd say it is a relationship.

Till I was 9, I never gave a thought to it like a lot of other kids in the world. Then, I became passionate about the environment and that brought along a new understanding of the world and its resources and a new awareness of my actions.

Today I find that the only thing which irritates me to no end, makes me cringe and want to hit someone is the sound of running water. Especially when no one is using it. Even watching it rain in movies annoys me because I know that its all fake.
Today in every major city of my country borewells run dry, rivers reduce into streams and all plants flower at once because they feel threatened. if you think what's so great in all plants flowering at one , let me tell you that it is a very very bad thing. It is like a 4-year-old menstruating.
But people still go on wasting water like there is no end to it. In fact very few of my friends are water-conscious. They still ant to play with a hose pipe during holi. They'd happily splash each other with the water in their bottles. They stand under the shower for 1/2 an hour even after they are all clean.

So, I'm going to be telling you all what I do to save water.

1. I bathe every other day. I sponge on the day I'm not showering. I finish my shower in 4-5 mins.
No, I'm not dirty and I don't have BO. I barely sweat from armpits and other places that cause BO. And it is actually possible to wash off foam in 4 mins. Beyond that you're just stripping your skin of moisture and also wasting water.
Science has proven that even a month of not bathing(I don't do that though) keeps microbe levels in the skin blow the permissible limit. You won't become sick as long as you wash your hands.

2. I turn off the shower when I'm lathering up. Really this step alone can save gallons of water.

3. The plants in my house are watered with water from washing veggies. We wash veggies in big bowls instead of letting it all run and give it a final 2 second rinse in running water.

4. I for any reason we've taken excess water for maybe cooking or something we put the excess into a buckt that we later use for bathing.

5. I've switched to soap from bodywash. It washes off faster.

6. I've been trying to convince my neighbours to fill the pool only twice a week but no one listens. This is what I meant when I said that no one cares.

This post is not about telling you guys what the dangers of not conserving water are. If I have to tell you about that after all the awareness schools, scientists and what-not have been generating, the I'm sorry, you probably don't deserve to live. Seriously. Atleast common sense should have told you that wastage is not good.
What I want to point out is that You can save resources by making change to your own lives, if you can't control the thoughtless idiots out there. Sometimes conservation is bigger than you and you should forego your own comfort.

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