Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Secret to Smooth Skin-Homemade body scrub

I was googling 'oil for smooth skin' when I came across this article:

Although Jillee used it as an aftershave exfoliant, I used this while bathing, after washing with soap. After I saw how amazed all the ladies commenting were by this scrub's effect, I just had to try it out.

But I thought the big grained sugar(which is all I have) would be too harsh and scratch my skin while salt which can also be used would seriously kill a couple of scratches that I have. So, I reinvented the scrub and i am bowled over by it. It is seriously amazing, much better than any OTC body scrub I have ever used( I can't remember which brand that was).

So, here's what I did:
I took 2 heaped tblsps of rice flour, 1 heaped tsp of sugar and salt each in a bowl and poured in sesame oil. I don't know how much oil I put in exactly; I stopped pouring the oil when it reached the consistency I wanted(semisolid-the oil shouldn't float on top). Then I added the juice of a quarter of lemon. I mixed it till the oil and juice were no longer 2 separate components.
This was sufficient for me; I still have some scrub left over( I'm 5 ft 3 inches tall). I rubbed it gently for a couple of minutes on wet skin and then rinsed it.

Because I didn't use any more soap after scrubbing there was a layer of oil on my skin(I don't mind that because I'm not going out anywhere). You can also use this scrub first and soap later if you don't want the oil layer.

It is tremendously moisturising and you will be amazed by how smooth your skin feels and this is just in one use. And I didn't even shave!

Depending on how sensitive your skin is you can adjust the amount of oil you put in. If you find sugar too harsh then plain rice flour alone will do as well coz its gentler.

If you are acne-prone don't use this scrub on your breakout zones aka face, back, shoulders.

This scrub really helps with dry skin as well. It can be used 2-3 times a week. Any more will chafe skin.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Review: Oriflame Body Lotion with Green tea

The weather is kind of dehydrating now where I live and my skin is seriously dry. Its really annoying having oily skin above the shoulders and dry below.

I bought this lotion a few months ago when there was a discount in the catalogue. Now, that I've finished half of it I think I can review it.

I was happy with it in the summer. I use it everywhere below shoulders and it did moisturize well in the summer. But in the last one month, ever since it has been getting drier this lotion is insufficient for me.

This lotion is supposed to be for normal to dry skin. It costs Rs.590 for 400 ml so it is rather expensive but I got it in discount.

It claims to provide all day hydration and intensive moisturization.

So, does it live upto its claims?
Sort of. it does not hydrate my skin all day long but it keeps dry itchiness at bay in the summer. But, now as winter approaches(it is still really warm though) it lasts for only around 4 hours. It also does not leave your skin smooth. It forms a sort of layery powdery feel once it dries. It won't work on very dry skin.
The bottle has a flip cap. I am anyway never bothered by packaging as long as it doesn't leak.

It is a pretty good sealant for body oil, however.

Will I buy it again?
No, not for this price anyway.

Monday, November 12, 2012

My Acne story- Update

I haven't been following my skin care routine the last two months because of exams. So, while my skin hasn't gone back to its pre-treated days it has gotten worse.

Now, I use my tretinoin cream on alternate nights after washing with cetaphil cleanser. On the night I don't use tretinoin I use Acnes powder lotion, leave it on for an hour and then follow up with an ayurvedic oil called Kumkumadi Thailam. I know you're all thinking, "oil" now, but kumkumadi thailam is formulated for people with acne and it hasn't broken me out yet.

In the morning I put on Lacto Calamine Classic after toning with Acnes.

My skin has improved hugely in 8 months. The redness from the scars is barely visible now and while the mild pits will I suppose never go, my skin is a lot smoother.

Retinol-An Anti-aging secret?

No one wants to age right? So, that has a created a multi-billion dollar industry for anti-aging skin care. But as we can all say from a lot of experience, how many of these creams actually work?

But it seems retinol actually does. This is a derivative of vitamin A and is used in acne medication.  It has shown evidence of working on wrinkles and some other signs of aging and therefore is used in a good number of products now. But  are these really effective?

For retinol to be absorbed and work it must be in a form that our cells can utilise, like tretinoin. But that's not how it is present in the over-the-counter(OTC) products. Neither is it present in sufficient quantities to make a major difference. Tretinoin creams are only available by prescription or through the internet.

But, many of you may have found some of these OTC creams and lotions working for you. This I would say might be the effect of a good regimen rather than the product itself. Usually when one starts with a new anti-aging product there is that urge to be thorough and follow  a new regimen faithfully which might consist of new cleansers, toners, moisturisers and also a new diet. We become so meticulous with this that we start thinking that its all the effect of the new product.

One of the medicines my dermatologist prescibed is a tretinoin cream. It has been very effective in reducing scars and acne and I also feel that my skin looks a lot smoother and fuller on the days that i use it.

It is inadvisable to use tretinoin creams without first consulting a doctor because they don't suit everyone. My derm had me do blood tests before he prescribed it. Also pregnant women should never use these.

On a parting note, don't be fooled by the claims big companies make. Do research the chemistry of the ingredients before spending a ton of money on any product.