Sunday, May 27, 2012

My Acne Story Contd..

OK, I changed my mind. I will tell you guys what ointments I was put on but not their names. I'll state the ingredients. But please do not use all this without consulting a dermatologist.

For the first month I had a course of a tablet whose name I can't recall and a gel having clindamycin phosphate and nicotinamide(please don't buy this stuff without consulting a dermatologist). I had to use it morning and night.

I have been very irregular in my medication and visits for a long time so my progress has not been as good as it should have but its still great.

The next time I went I was given a benzoyl peroxide cream to use in the evenings in addition to the gel. the next month I was given a clindamycin and adapalene gel to alternate the benzoyl peroxide cream with. That was primarily for blackheads. All this while I also had to take an iron supplement in the mornings.

This went on for a while and now on my latest visit because I'd had no new pimples for a while the doc told me to use a non-comedogenic moisturizer at night and in the morn over a scar gel that I have been using all this while and continue with benz cream and clin gel alternate evenings. No more tablets.

I won't deny that all these treatments had severely dried out my skin. There was also a lot of peeling. The doc had warned me that this would happen and i had a moisturizer a month in between called Ictyane.

This might sound like a lot and scare you guys but let me tell you all that had I been more regular half of it wouldn't have been needed. And it really has been working like nothing else has. The best part is that I've had no new acne.

That s why I say that goin to a doc is the best solution if you have severe acne or acne that leaves scars.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Acne Story

Yes I have been an acne sufferer. I'm recovering quite well so I can sympathize and share with you guys some tips that will actually help.

I've tried every home remedy there is from turmeric to toothpaste very religiously and I can assure you that none of them worked for me in case you think I didn't try hard enough. The pimples kept coming and leaving scars and nothing I did helped. I've also tried several drugstore products like Garnier and Clean & Clear and what not(not Proactiv though so I can't talk about that) and they were useless as well. Finally my father decided that he wouldn't waste any more money and had my mom take me to a dermatologist 6 months ago.

And that is what finally worked. when I told the doc that nothing had worked, he said, "why do you think we are here if those work? why do you think there is so much research on acne drugs if other stuff worked?"
I was put on a course of a drug I won't name here (because with drugs like this you can't buy them without consulting a doc) and a supplement along with a cream.
Within a month all my acne stopped popping up although my skin peeled like he'd warned. When I went back after a month he put me on gels for my blackheads and I'm very nearly blackhead free now.

I've read about how many people complain that docs are the worst because the treatments give them dry skin and stuff but I think the problem is that they don't have patience or that they never go back to the doc after that.
When my dry skin got bad he gave me a suitable moisturizer. Persistence is the key and my skin is so much better now than it was.

Therefore, I suggest that if you want to spend money on acne treatments it is better to do it on a doc's prescription than an over-the-counter product.

Himalaya Lip Butter Review

Hi, everyone! This is the very first time I'm trying to review anything, so please go easy on me :p
Comments and suggestions are welcome. I'm not a person who is very into makeup and neither do I buy a hundred different products at the same time, so you won't see a huge number of reviews here. But, i will share with you all that goes on with my skin.

So, the Himalaya lip butter. I researched a lot of brands and reviews before I decided to settle for this one(it was actually a last moment buy...i was actually going to walk out of the store without buying anything...but i grabbed this). And i'm not sorry I did.

It is priced at Rs 125 for 10g which I think is a bit expensive seeing as how 4 years ago one could buy a lot of Nivea lip balm for rs 20. It claims to have no petro jelly or artificial preservatives which is great.

It claims to moisturise, soften, minimise lip wrinkles and prevent chapping. I don't know about the wrinkles part but it sure does everything else it claims. It is very moisturising and hydrating without that awful waxy feel that so many lip balms have. My lips got soft within a few seconds of putting it on and it just feels lovely on the lips and the smell may I add is just so yummy.

The only cons are that after a while there is a pale whitish cast on the lips although that is very faint and can be easily taken care of by a bit of gloss and that it comes in tub packaging which isn't as hygienic as a tube.

So, will I buy it again? Not if I can find anything cheaper. Otherwise this is great for moisturising.

I plan to try out a tube of this lipbalm called LIPZ the next time I go balm shopping. It is cheaper than himalaya lip butter and if I remember accurately better as well.

I haven't got photos I'm sorry because my card reader and cards are all broken down.