Thursday, May 10, 2012

Himalaya Lip Butter Review

Hi, everyone! This is the very first time I'm trying to review anything, so please go easy on me :p
Comments and suggestions are welcome. I'm not a person who is very into makeup and neither do I buy a hundred different products at the same time, so you won't see a huge number of reviews here. But, i will share with you all that goes on with my skin.

So, the Himalaya lip butter. I researched a lot of brands and reviews before I decided to settle for this one(it was actually a last moment buy...i was actually going to walk out of the store without buying anything...but i grabbed this). And i'm not sorry I did.

It is priced at Rs 125 for 10g which I think is a bit expensive seeing as how 4 years ago one could buy a lot of Nivea lip balm for rs 20. It claims to have no petro jelly or artificial preservatives which is great.

It claims to moisturise, soften, minimise lip wrinkles and prevent chapping. I don't know about the wrinkles part but it sure does everything else it claims. It is very moisturising and hydrating without that awful waxy feel that so many lip balms have. My lips got soft within a few seconds of putting it on and it just feels lovely on the lips and the smell may I add is just so yummy.

The only cons are that after a while there is a pale whitish cast on the lips although that is very faint and can be easily taken care of by a bit of gloss and that it comes in tub packaging which isn't as hygienic as a tube.

So, will I buy it again? Not if I can find anything cheaper. Otherwise this is great for moisturising.

I plan to try out a tube of this lipbalm called LIPZ the next time I go balm shopping. It is cheaper than himalaya lip butter and if I remember accurately better as well.

I haven't got photos I'm sorry because my card reader and cards are all broken down.

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