Monday, November 12, 2012

My Acne story- Update

I haven't been following my skin care routine the last two months because of exams. So, while my skin hasn't gone back to its pre-treated days it has gotten worse.

Now, I use my tretinoin cream on alternate nights after washing with cetaphil cleanser. On the night I don't use tretinoin I use Acnes powder lotion, leave it on for an hour and then follow up with an ayurvedic oil called Kumkumadi Thailam. I know you're all thinking, "oil" now, but kumkumadi thailam is formulated for people with acne and it hasn't broken me out yet.

In the morning I put on Lacto Calamine Classic after toning with Acnes.

My skin has improved hugely in 8 months. The redness from the scars is barely visible now and while the mild pits will I suppose never go, my skin is a lot smoother.

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