Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A Fact About Myself

This is something you all ought to know. It will explain why my entries are so sporadic and also I'm sure that a lot of you are this way.

My obsessions switch between skin and hair. 4 months a year I'm nuts about my skin and the rest of the year I'm nuts about my hair. When I obsess with my skin I absolutely neglect hair(it seems to help my hair though)
and vice versa(neglecting skin is bad for me).

Behavior when I'm on skin care mania:
1. Wash hair once a week unless working out (actually, washing hair less often is good for it and not dirty at all as long as you give it a good brushing or combing. I also do water-only washes a couple of times in a week)
2. Bundle it into a french roll secured with jaw clip.
3. Comb just once a day
4. Completely forget that I have hair on head on holidays

Behavior during hair care mania:
1. Force self to bathe
2 Use wet wipe to clean face and follow up with compact powder once a day
3. Forget about lotion for days on an end
4. barely remember deodorant (fortunately I do not suffer from BO problems-I barely sweat in normal stink zones)
Now that I have controlled acne neglect no longer poses a problem but I still have to be careful.

So right now I'm on a hair obsession.
So, why am I not writing some hair posts?
I have to find a routine or products that I'm completely happy with.

So, until I find something worth writing about.........

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