Saturday, December 29, 2012

Deep Cleansing Face Mask: with Fuller's earth(multani mitti)

Having managed to successfully kick myself into a skin care phase, a face mask was inevitable. For the first 3-4 days, This was my routine:
Morning: Wash with Cetaphil cleanser for sensitive skin. Alternate with Vicco foam wash. Tone with Acnes powder lotion if cetaphil used. Apply Lacto calamine or Vicco turmeric cream.

Evening/night: Wash with Cetaphil/Vicco foam wash on alternate days. Tone with Acnes if Cetaphil used. Apply Vicco turmeric cream.
On alternate days appy tretinoin acne medication after washing with cetaphil but without toning.

When I thought about my previous phase I remembered how important face masks were in my routines. Now, I am not an advocate of regular usage of face masks because a)they can stress the skin when used on a daily basis due to the pull caused when drying and because of the concentration of active ingredients and b) washing them off wastes water unless you like me have techniques.

Here's my mask washing technique:
Wet and soften the mask with water and then rub gently till it no longer adheres to skin. Take a bowl with about 2 cups of water and wash the mask into it by taking palmfuls of water and using it to slide mask off . I don't change the water until the mask is nearly off. Only then do I take clean water and remove what remains. I regulate my water usage with cups and I have noticed that my skin is completely clean with 3 more cups of water.
This method is a bit of trouble the first few times you do it but you get the hang of it very soon. I believe that water conservation is very important and that the earth shouldn't suffer for my vanity.
Most of us really waste a lot of water in the name of skincare but actually we need very little. You will notice this the moment you start measuring and using water.

To make masks more effective clean your face with a good cleanser before putting them on. This helps them penetrate more effectively and also increases their saturation limit.

So, here's the mask:
1 heaped tsp fuller's earth(multani mitti)
1/2 tsp kasturi turmeric( or ordinary turmeric if you can get rid of the stains)
1 tsp honey
milk or rosewater
Use the milk/rosewater to mix the mask to the desired consistency(not too runny).

Fuller's earth deep cleans and reduces the appearance of pores.It absorbs oil. turmeric is antibacterial and helps diminish acne, blemishes and scars. Honey moisturises and is anti-bacterial.

This mask is best used twice a week(once a week if you have very sensitive skin).

I liked the effect this mask had on my face and neck. My skin felt clean without being dry or stretchy.

For those of you who don't know, kasturi turmeric is a variety of turmeric which gives the same benefits but does not stain like normal turmeric. It is not eaten and is used for cosmetic purposes. Don't worry, unless you're allergic to it, it won't hurt you. Neither is it toxic. Its been used by Indians for centuries.

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