Friday, June 8, 2012

Review: Boroline Antiseptic Cream

This is one of the oldest antiseptic cream brands in India maybe even THE oldest. It monopolised the market for a very long time until Boroplus came in and stole the show. If you guys are interested you could even check out articles on how Boroplus beat Boroline. Just google it.

However, this cream beats Boroplus by far. Boroplus may have a snazzier packaging and bigger stars vouching for it but quality wise it'll never beat boroline.

Here are the pros and cons.

1) nice smell. I like it atleast. Some might find it strong but its fine for me.
2) It works fast. Faster than Boroplus does.
3)Its is a very old and trusted brand.
4) The composition hasn't changed. It is now a little thinner than it used to be but that is a good thing and apart from that its been the same for ages.
5) It is the world's best lip balm. Just a little on your lips and they become moist immediately. If you leave it on overnight it soothes chapped lips and you can feel the dead skin coming off the next day. Then you can remove the dead skin by pulling or scrubbing and you're lips will look like new. It can repair dry and cut lips overnight. Don't expect perfect lips in a day though. You have to follow up by keeping your lips moisturised throughout the day and use Boroline for atleast 3 days to see the perfect fashion model lips. But. it is the best lip soother ever.
6) It is the best crack cream for heels.
7) it is also the best night moisturiser for the face and any other part of your body.
8) it is the best remedy for chapped bleeding cuticles as well.
9) It is an antiseptic cream so its great for cuts, burns, wounds, rashes nearly any skin problem. I have used it for the aforementioned purposes and its like a miracle.

1) It is really oily so it won't do for daytime use. Also acne prone people had better not put this on their faces. but its works great everywhere else for all skin types.
2) It looks white on lips if applied a little heavily. but a light application is fine. It requires Practice i guess. But it won't interfere with lipstick if applied on top of it.

Thats all the cons I find. It costs 22 rupees for 20g.

This is one of my holy-grail products and I have very few fave products so this is truly great. My mom and her mom before her have used it for years and we're all very loyal to this brand.

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